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In search for the best hair restoration solution for your receding hairline problem? Look no further than at NuHart Philippines. Our company is the leading authority when it comes to all types of hair transplant treatment in the Philippines. We use proven and effective techniques to help people deal with hair loss permanently.

Natural & Permanent Solution

Here at NuHart Philippines, we believe that everyone deserves to have the hair that they want. This is why our clinic provides safe hair transplant solution to regrow your hair back to its normal and natural look. We use highly advanced hair transplantation methods which don’t require constant application of products on scalp or have you undergo to frequent operation. What we offer is a permanent solution so you wouldn’t have to worry about hair loss.

Esteemed Team of Experts

To meet and exceed our client’s expectations, we have a team of fully licensed and highly skilled physicians to perform the procedure.
This is also our way to give you the assurance that you’ll only get the best and quality service.
With our unique and personalized approach, you’ll enjoy a seamless and completely natural hair as it grows.

Having more than 25 years of experience in the field, NuHart Philippines has built a great reputation in the industry of hair restoration. We’ve served and dealt with all types of clients from different walks of life. From athletes, celebrities, businessmen down to students, we have become the go to clinic for most modern and effective hair transplant procedure in the Philippine at the most affordable price.

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As we diligently work to improve and provide the best hair restoration services to our existing and future clients, we understand that some may not have the means to pay for expensive treatments. This is why we make it our mission to maintain the hair transplant price at rate everyone could afford here in the Philippines.

At NuHart Philippines, we understand the increasing demands of our clients. As a response to this, we currently have two branches in the country. One in Makati and another in Cebu City. This is to allow us to get in touch and help more people who are in need of permanent solution for hair restoration.
When it comes to safe and effective hair transplant treatment, no one does it better than us here at NU/HART Philippines.

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