Surgical Team

The surgical assistants and consultants at NuHart also play an important role. The first step is communication. Each client needs to be totally informed about every aspect of the hair transplantation process and realistic expectations need to be agreed upon. The NuHart surgical assistants undergo rigorous training with emphasis on each follicular unit to assure that our clients are receiving the highest yield in hair growth with no wasted tissue. Many of the NuHart staff have had hair transplants, and completely understand the clients concerns.

Together, our NuHart team is committed to your results and satisfaction. We will diligently work to give you the ultimate in natural looking results. NuHart will provide you with the absolute finest service and quality care and have the world’s best process available to you at affordable rates. With NuHart’s dedicated and experienced team approach, and our commitment to exceed each client’s expectations, NuHart has become the Ultimate Solution to hair loss for men and women, athletes, celebrities, students, professionals, and service/trades people.

With our NuHart team approach: There’s a new you waiting at NuHart.

Ira D. Victa R.N.
University of Perpetual Help System DALTA

Work Experience:

  • – Senior Hair Transplant Technician (6 years)
  • – Former E.R. Nurse, Medical Center Imus

John Jowell R. Jose RN, MAN
St. Jude College Manila

Work Experience:

  • – Senior Hair Transplant Technician (5years)
  • – -E.R. Senior Staff Nurse (Medical Center Imus) 10years

Cristyl A. Jose RN, MAN
St. Jude College Manila

Work Experience:

  • – Senior Hair Transplant Technician (4years)
  • – Former Head Nurse General Ward (Medical Center Imus) 4years
Cristyl Jose

Rhen Walfred Espina R.N.
University of Cebu Banilad Campus

Work Experience:

  • – Senior Hair Transplant Technician (3 years)
  • – Branch Manager, Nu/Hart Hair Restoration Cebu, Branch

Madonna April Gallo. RN
Cebu Normal University

Work Experience:

  • – Former Staff Nurse, Our Lady of the Rule Maternity Hospital
  • – Former Company Nurse, Exas Manufacturing Inc Limited
  • – Junior Hair Transplant Technician

Anne Pauline Rubinos, RN
Our Lady of Fatima University

Work Experience:

  • – Former Staff Nurse (Cardio Dept) at St.Luke’s BGC
  • – Former Medical Assistant and Fleet Officer
  • – Senior Hair Transplant Technician 2 years

Kathlyn Mae Dalampasig, RN
Our Lady of Fatima Univeristy

Work Experience:

  • – Former ER/WARD Nurse, Sanctissimo Rosario General Hospital
  • – Private Duty Nurse
  • – Junior Hair Transplant Technician

MaryAnn A. Atanoza, RN
Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College

Work Experience:

  • – former staff nurse at Divine Heart Medical Service and Development Cooperative Hospital 3 years
  • – Private Duty Nurse, 2 years
  • – Junior Hair Transplant technician

Joy Maricris Alindayu, RN
Olivarez College – Parañaque

Work Experience:

  • – OR Nurse at RVB Clinic
  • – Junior Hair Transplant Technician

Jonalyn D. Soza, RN

Work Experience:

  • – Senior Dermatology Nurse,HOO Center for Dermatologies
  • – Former Staff Nurse, Divine Heart Hospital
  • – Junior Hair Transplant Technician