Client Testimonials

NuHart Hair Clinics have been dedicated exclusively to hair restoration since 1984 and are responsible for developing some of the highest standards in the field of surgical hair transplantation. We have performed over 30,000 hair restoration procedures on clients from over 40 countries around the world, and you can see some of the amazing hair transplant photos from our satisfied clients. The hair transplant results you see here highlight the effectiveness and natural look that our procedure affords our clients.

While many of our clients want to share their success stories with the world, not every patient feels comfortable with full disclosure of his or her likeness and/or identity. NuHart respects the privacy of each and every one of its hair transplant clients and honors this non-disclosure where requested.

Are you concerned about hair loss? Do you want to know what treatment is best for you? Our expert hair loss consultants can answer contact us via our on-line electronic form. Why not take the first step to restoring your own natural growing hair by contacting NuHart to schedule your free consultation and get the facts about hair transplantation.

If you’re thinking about a hair transplant procedure to reverse the effects of hair loss, check out the hair transplant photos and videos on this page. These clients’ amazing hair transplant results are just a small sample of the many people we have helped over the years. Contact us to receive your free consultation on a permanent solution to hair loss.

Joe M

NuHart took me back in time. I look younger and feel great. Thanks NuHart!

Joe M.
Regular Client

Luigi L.

Now, I made the right decision. When people say I look younger than my age,
I know it’s not just because of good nutrition and exercise.
Thank you very much NuHart!

Luigi L.
Hair Transparent Client

Davidov J.

Many thanks to NuHart!

Davidov J.

Joann L

The look is natural, the hairline is natural, and I was totally comfortable during the procedure. And with the follow up, NuHart made sure I was taken care of.

Joann L